Humanity Rescues Inc

We are Committed to the  Development of Haitian Communities

In our 2021 inaugural year, we are collaborating with HTTR to tackle Haiti's educational degradation.

Education Sector in Haiti

Majority of Haitians lack access to quality education, a prerequisite for sustained social and economic development. Despite enrollment improvements and the government’s commitment to strengthening public education, challenges in funding, teacher training, and access remain widespread. These issues put a generation of Haitian youth at risk of lacking the knowledge and basic skills necessary to succeed.

Key Challenges

In Haiti, the net school enrolment rate is around 60%. The lack of resources, both at the family and state levels, deprives many children of their right to have a school education. About 375,000 children between the ages of 6 and 11, 1/3 of this group, are not in school.

An Expensive Education System

Haitian families are subject to tuition fees since 80% of the schools are private. Today, the average annual tuition fee is US$85. This is a considerable sum for families in a country where the gross national income per year is only US$400.

Lack of Free Schools in Rural Areas

Going to a public school several kilometers away is a real challenge for Haitian children living in the countryside. They often have to walk this distance that, as a result, many children are not in school.

Ineffective Teaching Methods

A lot of the instructional time is spent on lecturing or eliciting responses in unison from the class and these are often related to repetition and memorization. These methods have limited effectiveness in teaching children, especially young ones, the foundational cognitive skills they need to succeed in school.

The Solution: Fostering an Environment for Personal Development

Our mission is advanced through a three-tiered approach that ultimately aims to develop and grow communities by investing in the youth. This approach prepares them to recognize windows of opportunity so they can step up and lead the way to a better tomorrow.

Tier I

The first tier of the plan is to adopt a vulnerable community that needs support. Once a community has been selected for rescue, we then pool the resources of international advocates, supporters, and volunteers willing to invest time, energy, and money into building the adopted community.

Tier II

The second tier of the plan is to coordinate with other community development organizations to establish an information resource center in our adopted community. Our information centers will serve as a central community hub where neighbors can gather, access life-transforming resources, and participate in free workshops on a range of important topics. These include education on critical issues affecting them and the world around them.

Tier III

The third tier of the plan is to orchestrate a youth development summer program designed to educate the adopted community's youth on critical life and leadership skills and communal responsibilities. This program is the cornerstone of our mission to prepare children for lives of success by helping them develop social, ethical, emotional, physical, and cognitive competencies. As part of our youth development program, we will also offer scholarships to students to study abroad.