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"Education is a fundamental human right of every woman, man, and child. Yet this right is still not a reality for millions of Haitians."

Humanity Rescues Inc

Stanley Edmond

Stanley Edmond is a Haitian-American community organizer and developer. He is the founding president of Humanity to the Rescue Professional Association (HTTR) and the executive director of Humanity Rescues.

Humanity Rescues Inc

Nicarla Clervil

Nicarla Clervil is a Health Educator and Health Coach providing services emphasizing chronic diseases, nutrition, mental health, fitness, and promoting prevention through healthier lifestyles. Her healthcare philosophy is to care for, educate, empower others to improve their overall wellbeing with compassion, kindness, and empathy.

Humanity Rescues Inc

Vernicia Edmond

Vernicia Edmond had always possessed an undeniable passion for pursuing a career in the healthcare industry. She has served nine years as a registered nurse working with pediatrics and adults in various acute, urgent, and intensive care and federal occupational health settings. Further, Vernicia is also a dedicated service member of the Armed Forces. Collectively, she has served 18 years in the Air National Guard and the United States Air Force Reserves as an Aerospace Medical Service specialist and a Flight Nurse. She now serves on Active Duty as an Aerospace Medicine Nurse Practitioner in the U.S. Air Force Reserves.

Humanity Rescues Inc

Marie Andree Bellabe-Charles

Ms. Bellabe has accumulated a wealth of experience in her respective field throughout her professional career, currently working as a Bio-Scientist for the State of Florida's Department of Health (DOH) alongside reputed Epidemiologists tracing the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Ms. Bellabe has experienced working in various organizations throughout her professional career. As a result, many Haitian Elected officials nominated her as a Consultant, Character developer, and Manager to help develop a plan to improve the lives of the common Populus of Haiti.
She was also a former board member for different organizations in the diaspora in Haiti. Her other projects include serving on other projects such as Diaspora Network Inc and partaken in many thinktank/workshop style endeavors.; "Business Management in the culture of underdeveloped countries," the following Higher Education institutions: the UNIVERSITY OF DUBLIN IRELAND, UNIVERSITY OF FONDWA, LONG ISLAND UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY. She has also spoken at multiple events at many organizations, Colleges, and Universities. She is also working to open the door for Haitian immigrants' children to raise their issues and discuss ideas on a political stage.

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